For a few days now, (more specifically, after the last patch, a tripwire has been allegedly implemented) Blizzard has been on an Honorbuddy ban wave spree, striking loads of players with 6 months suspension (yep, not permanent).

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Honorbuddy may have changed the way it handles things. Honorbuddy tries to compile everything in certain directories. The coding techniques used by the old files may be incompatible with the new drop of Honorbuddy. When Honorbuddy compiles the files left over from an 'upgrade install', and tries to use them, it may cause Honorbuddy to

Nov 10, 2016 · If you wish to check the players’ ban reports, you can do so by visiting the Honorbuddy forums. Update: Official statement from the Honorbuddy staff that their bot has been detected for the past 2-3 weeks, which allowed Blizzard’s Warden anti-cheat system to bypass Honorbuddy’s Tripwire defense mechanism. Honorbuddy Vpn Guide on who knows what VPN or free VPNs which are very unreliable and unsafe. A paid, top option should be the choice. Nord and Express are both great choices, it’s just a matter of different price tags. Been using Nord on my laptop and it works great so I recommend it. Honorbuddy Problem VPN Discussion on Honorbuddy Problem VPN within the WoW Guides & Templates forum part of the World of Warcraft category. 08/18/2014, 09:59 Honorbuddy, Lazymon, Buddywing, Hearthbuddy The aforementioned services will however remain intact until 31th December 2017 for those that already own a license. Within the next week we will decide on Rebornbuddy’s and Pokefarmer's future.