The Netflix Effect podcast looks at the company’s unique

Also, because Netflix buys the right to show a lot of US entertainment in a lot of other countries, such as Spain, the video library will seem, at a cursory glance, to be exactly the same. It is only when you look for a specific title that you will realize that there is a difference. Can I watch Netflix when I'm on holiday in Spain ? | AVForums 2014-1-17 Why Netflix Content Is Different Abroad

2020-1-22 · Netflix blocks hundreds, if not thousands, of IP addresses that belong to VPNs. For this reason, very few VPNs actually work with Netflix. Even the VPNs that do work with Netflix only actually unblock Netflix on a few servers and in many cases only to specific Netflix regions (usually the US, UK, Canada, and Japan).

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2020-7-21 · Live in Germany and would like to use a Vpn in another country (for Netflix) does my subscription still work the same way, so there are no costs because then I'm e.g. In "Spain etc." and my subscription is only for Germany?

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