OFCA Broadband Performance Test

High Speed Internet, Cable TV, Phone Provider Buckeye Broadband is a local broadband and cable company that provides affordable high speed internet, cable TV, and home phone packages in Toledo, S.E. Michigan and Erie County. Hong Kong Speed Test Do you want to research connection speed for Hong Kong (HK)?TestMy.net's Download Speed Test and Upload Speed Test log connection information to allow users to research real world Internet speed test results. TestMy.net's speed test database stores information on millions of Internet connections. This tool can average connection speed for any Internet provider, country or city in the world. Internet Speed Test Hong Kong | Dospeedtest

Jul 06, 2020

Hong Kong Speedtest Report Jun 13, 2017

DATE Country Latency (ms) Jitter (ms) Download Speed (Kbps) Upload Speed (Kbps) 2019-12-28: Hong Kong: 48: 1: 87671: 83059: 2019-10-24: Hong Kong: 4: 2: 44357: 88860: 2019-10-24

May 12, 2017 Internet speed test results - Hong Kong - www.netmeter.co Internet speed test statistics for IP addresses from the country Hong Kong. Most common download speed in this country is 4,10 Mbits. Most common upload speed … Internet Speeds By Country 2020 - World Population Another nation with fast broadband speeds is Iceland. The download speeds of this nation are 147.51 Mbps. Hong Kong is also high on the list with broadband download speeds of 133.94 Mbps. South Korea has broadband speeds of 127.45 Mbps. The last nation with broadband speeds exceeding 100 Mbps is Romania, which has download speeds of 104.46 Mbps.