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JavaScript to Determine Viewport Size. JavaScript provided on this page allows you to determine the size of the user's browser window, aka the viewport dimensions. Two sets of properties are available for obtaining the width and height of the browser window: innerWidth and innerHeight, or clientWidth and clientHeight. Jul 14, 2020 · They should be replaced with browser_version(), browser_major(), browser_minor(), and browser_beta(). The reasoning behind this is that version() method will, in the case of Safari, return the Safari/XXX numbers even when Version/XXX numbers are present in the UserAgent string (i.e. it will return incorrect versions for Safari in some cases). The get_browser() function looks up the user's browscap.ini file and returns the capabilities of the user's browser. Syntax get_browser( user_agent,return_array ) When faced with well-known browser configurations, both work. But browser detection has the fixed assumption that both Feature A and Feature B are supported by the browser, whereas feature detection tests for each feature individually. Unknown browser configuration . Things get really interesting when faced with an unknown browser configuration. Feb 03, 2010 · I have a web page that should display a graphic exactly in the browser window. The graphic height will just fill the browser window. I need to figure out two things: 1) How can I get the exact height and width of the currently open browser window and. 2) How do I know when the browser window is resized? Diane

How can I concatenate several registry keys into one property? The following does not work. I am trying to determine the default web browser. The “default web browser” inspector does not return the correct results. value "ProgId" of keys "Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\Shell\\Associations\\UrlAssociations\\ftp\\UserChoice" of current user keys (logged on users) of registry & value "ProgId

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